Resume operation after battery exchange

Would be nice if it was possible to exchange the battery and the board would resume it's state afterwards.

Is this possible to do? 

Currently the stream stops and the logs I can only download once then it hangs.


  • You can use the macro system to program commands onto the board to be executed at boot time.

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    The led example works but can't really get it to work for the stream and logs like below.
    Any modifications that are needed? Code works fine when running inside a macro for the first setup and also deserialization for app restart, but not on battery removal...



    .branch().process(new Rms()).process(new Comparison(Comparison.Operation.GT, 1)).stream("alarm")
  • There's nothing different you need to do. Let me double check the macro system.
  • We've identified a problem with the macro system in relation to using it to start the BMI160 accelerometer on boot.  The end result is the board puts itself into bootloader mode which clears the macros.
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