Help for a project.

 Hi. I'm working on a project. And i don't know how to do that. I know some java and android for  the development. I'm not the best but i know how it's work. So the project i'm working on goes like this. 
 I have 3 metawears  for this project.  I will use one metawear with a  wrist ( behaves like a smartwrist). Someone who uses this metawear wrist, must be wear that. Then the two other metawears will behaves like a beacon. I will place these two metawears some areas. One for living room, one for kitchen. So if someone closes any beacon with the this  metawear wrist, the wrist sends a message to smartphone application.(Maybe it can a trigger a command for send a message) It can send a message like you are at livingroom or you are at kitchen to the smartphone application on phone. So when the smartphone gives this information from this wrist, it sends this info to the cloud. So we can get this information from any smartphone with the account. 
And lastly if the users wrist metawear disconnects with the smartphone because of the distance, It should continue to gather information on own memory.(metawear's memory) Then when it's connects again to the users smartphone it should send this information to the application.( These informations are like: you are at livingroom or you are at kitchen) 

 So, is it possible to making project like this?  I mean, metawear wrist must interact with the metawear beacons firstly, then sends this information to the smartphone with a bluetooth connection. Thank you for your help.


  • Most of this is possible except the part with the the wristband detecting if its near a beacon.  The boards can function as beacons but they cannot scan for other beacons to determine proximity.
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