3rd Party Battery

Anybody knows the specifics if one wants to use a 3rd party battery? I know it has to be a 3.7v Lithium Polymer battery, but does it need a PCM (Protection Circuit Module) or a specific charge current etc...? 


  • Hi Edumana,

    You can use any 3rd party rechargeable lithium type battery.  However, the MetaWear board is setup to charge at 90mA, so it may take a long time to charge batteries larger than 300mAh.  At volume, MetaWear can be configured for up to 300mA charge current.

    We absolutely recommend a battery with built-in PCM.  During development this will prevent over-spec current draw and over discharge.  MetaWear depends on the PCM to cut off the battery when it is fully discharged.
  • This site has lots of batteries you could use with MetaWear: http://www.powerstream.com/li-pol.htm
    I use it often for small batch prototypes.
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