Firmware v1.1.3 Released

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Firmware v1.1.3 addresses issues sighted by the MetaWear community.


  • Fixed bug with using accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer simultaneously
  • Fixed incorrect response format from I2C reads
  • Fixed a case where starting the BMI160 accelerometer with the macro puts the board into bootloader mode


  • Great news.

    Where is this released to? Do we need to wait for the API or sample apps to get updated?
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    You press the button to update firmware on either of the apps, or the use firmware update functions in the APIs.
  • Hi Eric, is the issue with sample frequency not really working fixed? Thanks!
  • @kphed
    what sample frequency issue are you talking about?
  • After upgrading to the latest/this firmware on the Metawear C the 'accelerometerBMI160.orientationEvent' is streaming the orientation now instead of sending an event when orientation changed. Is this intentional or do I overlook something?

    I've tested with another MetaWear C that is not upgraded yet to the latest firmware and that one is only sending events when orientation changed. I prefer the latter.

    Here's the code:

     let accelerometerBMI160 = self.device.accelerometer as! MBLAccelerometerBMI160

             accelerometerBMI160.orientationEvent.startNotificationsWithHandlerAsync({ (data:AnyObject?, error:NSError?) -> Void in

                if let orientation = data as? MBLOrientationData {

                    let orientationInt = orientation.valueForKey("_orientation") as! Int




  • Same for Flat detection e.o.
  • @kuubus
    Yes, it appears that something has changed with the interrupt handler, possibly in the attempt to fix the acc/gyro/mag compatibility.  I'll let the firmware guy know to look into it.
  • Great, thanks. Awaiting your update.
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