Scanning for new devices around


I am in kind of doubt about scanning devices around by MetaWear app on iOS device. The situation is: 
  • i have more than just one device around 
  • every device has some name assigned
  • metaweare app is running and scanning
- there are two issues that I am trying to solve 
  1. How to detect if device is not around anymore - the situation is that somebody takes one metawear away from range of iOS device but MetaWear app dont reflect the information that device is no more around - I have tryied to Lod every device founded but its still the same - MetaWear that is not in physical range of iOS device is listed as it is. It seems to me like SDK bug - or not?
  2. Name of device - id API documentation its stated that MetaWear have unique name - I have tryied to change it to someting like MT1 on android device my original MetaWear app. But when I am scanning devices around after one minute by iOS device the iOS device still see metawear with old (or default) name (let say MetaWear). I can connect to it and after disconnect the metawear change name in scanning table. I have tryied after moment to forget all devices and try scanning again but without any changes. 
What do you think about these problems? I really would like to use your SDK and MetaWear for my apps but I am not sure if these problems are problems of SDK or of something else. 

Thanks for response



  • 1. How to detect if device is not around anymore - We addressed this with a commit on Mar 8, should of made it into version 2.5 on App Store, that indicates with a "no signal" icon if no ad packet has been seen from a device in over 10 seconds

    2. Name of device - All MetaWear's have a unique identifier (the big long string under the name), but by default they are all named MetaWear.  The CoreBluetooth framework of iOS is responsible for updating the names, and I have noticed it takes quite a while, they must do heavy caching of the name since in "typical" BLE use names don't normally change.  So there really isn't anything the App or SDK can do :(
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