C++ API v0.4.0/0.4.11/0.4.15

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Minor update that addresses several issues with the C# wrapper files. There is no change to any of the C++ files.

Release Notes



A small update to API v0.4.0 is released to simplify using the library in C# and corrects the function definition of the data processor state signal.

Release Notes


C++ API v0.4.0 adds support for the sensors on the MetaWear CPro, MetaEnvironment, and MetaDetector boards, provides a framework for onboard logging, and expands the settings module to support features added in firmware v1.1.0. This update does introduce minor breaking changes by renaming a few header files and the structs defined in the types.h header file.

Release Notes


  • C++ API v0.4.11 released, see first post for more details.
  • Another small update released to address C# wrapper issues, see first post for v0.4.15 details.
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