Accelerometer and gyro = nil?

Hello everybody!
I'm building an app using the gyro and accelerometer. It did work but now once the meta wear is connected, accelerometer and gyro are nil! The meta wear sample app is working fine by the way.

Any ideas?


  • Yes, i have same problem + same problem is with on board thermometer. Accelerometer is sometimes identified as MMA8452Q or nil. I use CPRO
  • Update : I use a Metawear C. This is firmware related. The bug appears with an up-to-date metawear C, but using the same code with a metawear c running 1.0.4 firmware works. Is there a way to downgrade firmware version?
  • Apologies, we've fixed the root cause of this bug so everything should be working normally now.  No action is required from you guys.
  • After firmware update, everything is working fine again! Thank you Eric!
  • Hey guys, 

    for me the problem still persist sometimes. If I try 10 connections I got maybe 2 or 3 like nil. Is it possible to check it if everything is really ok? 


  • This is interesting, but it also sounds like it could be a complex issue, so I'll need a few additional details:
    1) iOS Version
    2) MetaWear SDK Version
    3) MetaWear Model and Firmware Version
    4) Explanation of events that leads to the bug (I.E. what different MetaWear SDK functions are your using and a general flow of the App)
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