Data logging when device is unpaired with a smartphone


As far as I understand, Metawear apps let you retrieve data that was collected (i.e., logged within the Metawear device itself) while the device is paired with a smartphone. 

However, when I tested the Metawear device and its accompanying app, we were not able to find the "logged" data that was collected, while it was unpaired with a smartphone.

Could someone please explain how to retrieve this "logged" data? (*Note: we understand the use of the MetaBase app could solve my problem, but it seems like the app is only available for the iOS?)

So, to sum up my question,

1. Can I activate the data logging function on the Metawear device, as it is initially paired with an "Android" smartphone, so that it will continue to collect and log the data even as the device becomes unpaired with the phone (by being too far away, outside its bluetooth(BLE) range)?

2. Also, can the stored/logged data be retrieved later (at the end of the day, or at the end of the week) as the device pairs with the same (or different) smartphone?

3. If so, how can this be done, specifically, on an android smartphone?

If my explanations/questions are too confusing, please feel free to ask away any more details you might need.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

- Steven

P.S.  Could someone please explain what "streamlined" means? 

I have seen it being used multiple times to describe the MetaTracker App, but I am not quite certain of the word's usage/definition.


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