Stream Gyro data to PC


I'm trying to stream gyroscope data to a PC over BLE using c++. Has anyone done this? I'm looking for information on how to get started.



  • You can check out the MetaWear C++ API GitHub page for how to information.

    Are you planning on doing your whole project with C++?  I have only used the C# Btle functions but I suspect the C++ equivalents have the same or very similar names.
  • Hi Eric, I am doing the whole project with C++ because there is a C++ toolkit I need for other aspects of the project.

    What I really need help with is setting up a bluetooth connection with the sensor. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  • If you're developing a Windows Universal app, then the C++ calls are pretty much the same as the C# calls.  If you're on *nix, then you'll have to use the bluez library and unfortunately I'm not that familiar with using the bluez library.
  • We are using VS on windows. If possible, we would love to see what the C# code looks like so we could try to piece it together in C++.
  • Check out the C# wrapper solution, specifically the WrapperTest project.
  • @maged Ported the C# app to C++/CX.  You should checkout his project for C++ info.

  • Thanks! I'll check it out!
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    I've been at something similar for number of weeks now ...  

    I'm running on Ubuntu 14.04 with Bluez 5.39.  If anybody has actually managed to get streaming working on a Ubuntu PC I would appreciate the insights.  I can connect, read, and write to the device, but something is going wrong with the initialization ...  It does couple reads and then a write and the callback for initialization never fires.

    [ INFO] [1464223903.956038311]: Calling gatt_read_char [0x001a]

    [ INFO] [1464223904.095766412]: Calling gatt_read_char [0x0014]

    [ INFO] [1464223904.235732515]: Calling gatt_write_char [0x001d]: 0x01

    What is the sequence of reads and writes one should expect when using metawear c++ api?
  • Yes, but ...

    The best I can tell the MetaWear notification characteristic is not changing or at least I'm not getting the notification (so nothing to forward).  I'll double check maybe I did not enable it properly or too late.

  • ...  Yes, everything works much better once you turn on notification on the correct characteristic.  

    Just for the record to turn on notification for METAWEAR_SERVICE_NOTIFY_CHAR one has to write 0100 to 0x0020 on a Metawear CPRO. 
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