How to collect multiple gyro samples from sensor to android app

We want to read gyro data @100hz from three sensors simultaneously (should be total 300 samples / sec). Due to limitation of BLE, we are able to get only 30 sample per sensor (total around 95 samples from all sensors). I am wondering if we can use sample data processor or buffer data processor to solve this proble. I am not expert in Java so it will be very helpful if I get some working code snippet.


  • No, you can only handle that amount of data per second by using on-board logging however, you will fill up the logger fairly quickly.  If you want to stream from 3 devices, you will need to cap the data rate to 25Hz on each board.
  • Thanks for clarification Eric. Can we have some workaround to read internal logs at fixed interval and clear retrieved values and recycle memory? while sensor keeps logging in continuous manner? It might seem silly question to you, I myself feel that continuity will break when we retrieve logs of every couple of seconds and than clear those particular entries but still want to know your thought. Unfortunately we will not be unable to continue with frequency less than 100hz.
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    Any solution that enables us to retrieve data @100hz from 2-3 simultanous sensors is highly appreciated, or let us know what maximum boundaries can we push so that we can evaluate those numbers as well.
  • The simplest way to solve your problem is to have other Android devices to handle gyro data from the other boards.  There is no getting around the 100Hz data throughput limit as BTLE is not meant for a high volume of data.

    Unless you log at a lower rate, the logger will be filled faster than you can download and clear the data.  
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