SPI support?


I'm developing a motion capture system with 6 Metawear CPros and have run into a issue where I can't stream fast enough (100 Hz is impossible with 3 sensors - gyros, accel and mag).

I have also tried simply logging onboard each sensor but I quickly run out of space after ~60s.

I saw somewhere that the modules can do SPI, but I can't find anything in the android API. Is it supported? My idea is that I could add an external EEPROM which allow logging much longer.

Thanks in advance!



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    Yes there is SPI support, we just have not exposed control of the SPI bus to the user.  It will be released in the new firmware update.
  • Hi Eric

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    That's awesome! When the will the new firmware be released?

  • We don't have a specific release date in mind as there aren't any critical features that need to be released.  I'll have a more concrete timeline when I talk with the firmware developer.
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