iOS: Undefined symbols for architecture armv7

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Hi all,

I'm new here... actually still waiting for my metawear, which is in the mail somewhere over the atlantic ocean... Exciting times, these are.

Anyway, I'm trying to compile an iOS app in minicode (jailbreaked my iPhone, and installed MiniCode). The problem that I'm running into is that I'm getting some "Undefined symbols for architecture armv7" errors when I compile.

This has to do with the MetaWear.framework. I have to copy this by hand to my iPnone. Does anyone know which files I have to copy to which place so that the framework gets installed on my iPhone?
I'm guessing in /System/Library/Frameworks , but all frameworks I see there have an Info.plist file. Which I don't have....

Any help or ideas?

Many thanks in advance!



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