How to do On-Board gyroscope data processing with Meta C?

  I am trying to use gyroscope to detect door opening, for example: people counting. If the total degree of changes has surpassed a preset threshold, for example, x-axis has rotated >90 degrees, people counter would increment. So basically summing gyroscope values and compare with a threshold.  Since there won't be continuous Bluetooth connection, the above data processing has to be done on board and the detected door-opening events will be stored and downloaded every few weeks.

  After going through the documentation and the examples, I still can't quite figure out if this is doable without changing firmware. Can you tell me if the kind of math listed under "Data Processor" can be set up in certain sequence and executed on board? If yes, could you provide more details on how to do it? 

   Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much


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