Gyroscope measurements inconsistent across different MetaWear C boards

I am using gyroscope to measure the total degree of change and noticed that for the same kind of rotation, different MetaWear C gave me different results. I tested 3 different boards for 360 degree of rotation. Results: one measured 120 degree, one measured about 200 degree and 3rd one got a 220 degree. Given I may not have precisely rotated 360 degrees,  this huge variation worries me.

To mBientLab staff, have the accelerometer and the gyroscope be calibrated somehow before it is shipped? How do we know the values we get from the sensors are correct?    


  • How are you computing degree's rotated?  Gyros are only reliable for short term measurements and will start to drift over time.

    You can check if the sensors are properly configured by subjecting them to some motion and verify that the recorded data matches your expectations.
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