Thread keeps exiting randomly or when i repeately press a button...

I followed this tutorial to be able to get acceleration data:  

When i run the app, i do get acceleration data but sometimes in the Output console i would see " The thread 0x1798 has exited with code 0 (0x0). " and then the acceleration data stops coming in. 

This happens randomly by itself or when i click on a button  i have in the app. The button does not do anything, it is just there. The only way i can get the acceleration stream going again is to start the app.

From what i know , code 0 means nothing went wrong and the thread exited when it was done. Which does not make any sense to me, why is it exiting by itself without an error while i am reading the acceleration data?  


  • What is the code you are using to subscribe to a data signal?  Does the same thing happen if you use the UWP Starter project as your project template?
  • So i dont have the problem anymore using that template. Someone should tell Mbeintlab that their tutorial is not the proper way to set things up. 
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