Cordova Plugin activity

Hi all,

I am using the cordova plugin for my application, but miss some functionality.

I've added some bugs to github, but have not seen a reply. Is the plugin actively maintained? And is it possible to discuss how it is setup? It now provides a quite limited abstraction on top of the API's, which I think is a missed opportunity. The MetaWear API looks really good and complete, why not follow a more similar approach?

I've already made some changes myself, if desirable I can create PR's for those changes. I've added support (Android) for the magnetometer, and I've updated the API to be able to setup the sensors (frequency, sampling, power setting) instead of being fixed.



  • @lgleasain manages the project and is the only person working on the plugin at the moment.  Any additional community contributions are much appreciated so you should create pull requests for your changes.
  • Sorry about the delay with responding.  I was at Andevcon this week with a crazy schedule but just responded to your issues on Github.  Would love to have pull requests and will look at them as time permits.

    Just so that you know,  I'm not a employee of Mbientlab and this plugin has been something that I have been working on in my free time.  Since I gave my first conference talk on the MetaWear back in March of 2015 I've been a big fan of the MetaWear platform and that excitement has led to me creating some sample applications,  leading workshops on the boards (I've done one at the past 3 Andevcon conferences) along with various meetup talks etc..  My company also uses their board as our goto solution when we need to prototype wearable solutions.  Mbientlab has not been funding development of this library or these conference talks,  but supports these efforts by hosting them on the projects page and helping to promote it etc..

    They have an awesome product and I agree that it would be great to see more functionality in this plugin.  Beyond doing pull requests I would love to get feedback on this plugin.  I've done a lot of mobile development but this is my first Cordova plugin,  and the documentation surrounding Cordova Plugin development on the web is not great,  so I'm sure there are some things that can be improved.

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