Is there any kind of storage management? I would need to "write" somewhere some information, and then read it.
I know the logging, but I can not find any method to write custom information.
Thank you


  • No, we do not support writing custom data to the flash memory with the standard firmware.  You can use your platform's persistent storage options to write custom data.
  • Any ideas how to do that ? I didn't understand ;-)
    THANX !
  • Write your custom data to a file on your mobile device.  You can search the developers page for your mobile platform on how to do that.
  • Oh, that! hehehehe ... I know that ... but that's no the trick ... I need to write data into the wearable, it's part of the product model ... :-(
    is there something I can attach to the board ?
  • The board comes with 3V GPIO pins, an I2C bus, and a SPI bus so anything that con communicate using any of those methods can be attached to the board.

    A simpler way is to just store the information on a server and have your app query the data via the board's MAC address.
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