MetaWear Security

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How metawear secured from other connectivity call ? i have tested with android bluetoothLE sample application from android developer site (
this sample application can detect and showing all metawear service uuid, using these service UUID any hackers may misuse metawear device? like switch on LED or Vibrator.

How to secured our metawear device from third party mobile app, how to restrict with user should access metawear device only from metawear API

Screen shot:


  • We don't have any plans for any MetaWear security features since they highly depend on the use case. If this is a feature you would really like then feel free to request it in the "Requests & Bug Reports" category.
  • I think this is a pretty serious topic.

    If you ship e.g. a mood lamp you probably don't want a third party pong game to accidentally connect and mess up with it. It doesn't have to be about hackers. ;)
  • @tobynextdoor: Use bonding if you need security.
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