New Sensors BMX vs BMI Bosch SensorFusion

I read that the new MetaMotionR
@ the end of the Year will include SensorFusion
if look into the meta motion r specs their is the BMI160 plus a link to the Bosch SensorFusion Site

Did Mbientlab think about to integrate the BMX160 instead or optional to the BMI160?
if additional, (which looks if i look into the MetaMotionR Specs)why or what could the BMX couldnt do and always better as the BMI160?

little confused here.
maybe i am wrong but the BMX160 could complete replace the BMI160+BMM150, ....
isnt it?

could you give us a little more background info how you wanna integrate the SensorFusionPlattform and which Sensors,
>> new API/SDK?



  • @obiwahn

    A number of logistic reasons.  The BMX160 is a new multi die package, and not yet available through distributors.  MetaMotionR has been in development for some time and BMX was not an option when it began.  We prefer the performance of the SPI bus for energy efficiency, where the BMX probably uses the BMI's secondary I2C.  MetaWearC magnetometer drivers are already set up for the dedicated BMM150 chip, making it faster to integrate for MetaMotionR.  We are already purchasing BMIs and BMMs so there are some economies of scale across products.

    There is no reason why we wouldn't use BMX160 for a future revision of MetaMotionR.

    MetaMotionR will run Bosch's 9-axis sensor fusion solution native in firmware on the nRF52.  This will make it possible to process, log, or consume locally outputs such as quaternions, euler angles, etc.  Configuration and outputs will be provided via high level APIs.  Details will be published with the API releases as we near the shipping dates.
  • @matt

    thx for this info, 
    we really looking forward to try things with the sensorfusion solutions.

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