Latency Issues with Windows

Hi all,

On iOS with the default app from MetaWear, I get a near instant response from when I hit turn on haptic motor to when the motor actually vibrates.
On Windows 8.1 however, there's a delay ranging from 100ms - 800ms (measured from when the GATT write function WriteValueAsync is called, to when the motor actually vibrates).

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight as to why? Or how it can be reduced?


Tech Specs:
Windows 8.1 Home, Internal bluetooth chipset: Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 4.0 + High Speed Adapter
MetaWear R, Firmware V1.1.3


  • I changed my laptop power settings from power saving to high performance and performance improved dramatically, however there's still a noticeable delay (estimating ~100-200ms). 

    Still seeking more options. Next thing I'm going to try is a different computer + more modern bluetooth chip.
  • You can try reducing the connection interval to 7.5ms.
  • As one working with Windows 10 I can tell you that with the implementation of Bluetooth LE in my programming environment that any write to a BTLE device is handled by launching an anonymous thread. This thread then executes (like any other thread) when the OS gets around to it. Although the thread priority cannot be directly manipulated in my environment, you may be able to; or alternatively, if you increase the priority of the main application thread from the usual default of Normal to Above Normal or possibly, High any threads created by it, including those launched from the BTLE implementation inherit the higher priority.
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