Using Multi MetaWear Devices?

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I need a little help, or if someone can give me some advice about how can I store two metawear devices and use them later in my app, in other activities?
What should I save, mac address of device, or MetaWear object, how to recognize later each of them?

I would appreciate any help


  • Thanks, i am using that, but problem is that when I save two devices and want to use them later in other activity. 
    I have two buttons. When button1 is pressed, board one vibrate, when button2 is pressed, board two vibrate...but there is some problem, on both buttons, when i logged them, i got correct MAC address, but often just one device vibrate, sometimes and other.

    Is there maybe some connection problem, or what it could be?
  • Does the multimw app work as is?  Assuming it does, then the problem might be with how the app is communicating with the boards.  Please post your code so I can better understand what is going on in your app.
  • The vibration motor has probably a little damage, so i need to run a motor with duty cycle min of 100, now it's working fine.
    Thanks on response.
  • I have one more question, 
    is it possible to stop the vibration on ie button?
  • no, the current firmware will run for the allotted time.
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