Data capture

I am evaluating a device (serial no 00D0D4) and I am having trouble downloading data to my iPad using the
Metabase app.

I can set the device to measure a single variable and then download the result
to excel and it works fine, however if I select more than one measurement
concurrently when I download the results I only get the results from a single
measurement. For example I select measure temperature, accelerometer and humidity
but when I download the results to excel it only displays temperature results.

Are there any instructions I can follow to ensure that I am using the app and
device correctly or can you please let me know what I am doing incorrectly.


    • What firmware version and board are you using?
    • What app version, iOS version, iOS device model are you running the app on?
  • When using multiple sensors, each will produce its own file.  Can you confirm that multiple files are produced?

    It should be:

  • Hi 

    Thanks for getting in touch, the IOS version is 10.0.2 running on an iPad Air 2. The board firmware is 1.2.5. I am not sure what board type it is as Ii didn't purchase it.

    When using the Metabase app it gives me the option to share the results of any capture to Excel but when I open the file it only displays the results from a single measurment.

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