Motion R board

I'm confused with the mechanical model for Motion R. I have made the housing design for Metawear RG and I'm using the hole in the board for fixing the board to the housing with the microscrew. I expect some force applied by the users when they are sticking the USB cable into the device, so it is essential.
Now I'm looking at Motion R as a replacement. According to the link to the MCAD model on the page the dimensions and the hole are the same as for Metawear RG, however, first image shows the board without hole, followed by images of RG and RPRO with holes.

So, how the Motion R do look like?


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    The Motion R does not have the hole that the RG and RPRO have; that area is now occupied by the 8MB NOR flash chip.  The physical dimensions are the same as the RG and PRO boards.

    The first image on the store page is the Motion R board. whereas the other images simply give a feel for what the board would look like with the additional accessories.

    Apologies for the confusion.
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