Gyroscope data

I start by saying that I'm not a programmer.
I would like to be able to interpret Gyro data for a simple task: Metawear starts from point A that can be considered like a 0. Than it is moved in position B with an xyz inclination that I would like to know. I tried opening the log file but I don't know how to read the data.
If you are aware of any App that can already perform such an easy task please advice me.


  • What do you mean by "I don't know how to read the data"?  Are you unsure of how to parse a CSV file or what the numbers mean, or something else?
  • I know how to import csv files in excel, but I don't know how to interpret them...
  • The numbers correspond to how fast (angular velocity) the sensor is spinning around the XYZ axes (pitch, yaw, roll).  The greater the magnitude, the faster it is spinning.
  • I'm looking for the changes of the angulation (in degrees) from position A to position B. Am I wrong?
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    The gyro reports angular velocity in degrees per second (°/s).  For example, if you get (t, x, y, z) = (3, 1, 4, 1) , then it means at time = 3s, the sensor was spinning around the x-axis at 1°/s, y-axis at 4°/s, and z-axis at 1°/s.
  • Thanks for the info. However, how can i get the change of the angulation between two static positions? Should I use the data you just commented here (angular velocity)?
  • I meant that I would like to get inclination data like any clinometer app (like
  • You might be ok with using only accelerometer data:

    acc_z = cos(Θ)
    acc_y / acc_x = -tan(φ)

    where φ is rotation around the stationary z axis and Θ is rotation around the stationary y axis.

    If you need something more accurate, then you'll have to look into sensor fusion.

  • Hello,
    I made no progress at all :(
    Can you please look at these data  and tell me if there is a way to get x y z inclination?
    Sensor started lying on a table; I moved it (keeping it still for few seconds) and placed it back in the original position.

    I appreciate your help
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