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As a game developer I have no other option than to use Unity3d to create multi platform projects and currently am working on an Android project using the Samsung Gear VR and would like to use the mbient sensor to do some interesting things. I have created native plugins for win32 for a different hardware succesfully and I hope this could be accomplished for Android as well, the problem is I have little experience with Android Studio and after some attempts I feel it is a waste of time to mess with that environment. So there is a metawear jar file that I hoped could be accessed as a native lib. Is this possible to do? Or do I have to use Android Studio to create a "bridge". If anyone made a mbient lib for Android/iOS an put it on Assets Store I certainly would get it.


  • Unfortunately I have no experience with Unity nor game development on the Android platform. so all I can do is point you to some resources that may help you.  Jar files of the Android API can be directly downloaded from GitHub.  Alternatively, we also provide a C++ API that is designed to be used by higher level languages such as Python and C#, and is already used in such a manner by the two aforementioned languages.  The C++ API maybe your best option however I have not built an NDK project so you will have to research how Android uses native code on your own..
  • Thanks Eric, I will probably in parallel take a look at the C++ API to get the data with Visual Studio to move forward with actual game and also investigate on Android how to use the jar file either accessing it directly or if I have to build a wrapper in a Android Studio project. 
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