Pymetawear logging example & a question about data processors

For anyone interested, I have an example script on GitHub which logs and downloads data from metawear CPRO devices. It uses pybluez and the pymetawear python interface developed by @hbldh. It also depends on numpy and matplotlib. It won't work right out of the box, but it might be useful as a reference.

In part of that script you can see my attempt to set up a (RSS) data processor on the accelerometer signal. It seems like mbl_mw_dataprocessor_rss_create always passes a null pointer (in Python I see a None-type) as the argument to the callback function. Why does this happen? Does the CPRO support data processors? I notice the same behavior with other types of data processors. 


  • That is pretty strange as all boards have data processing.  Can you try increasing the response timeout and logging what characteristic values are written to the board?

    Its possible the board is simply not receiving the command however lets first see increasing the timeout solves the problem.
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