Gyro Range


I need to calculate revolutions per second(RPS) of a spinning wheel from the gyro which let's say,could be between 15-40 RPS however I am not able to get gyro readings above the 2000 degree/sec.Is there any way this range can be set to a higher number or any suggestion on how to calculate RPS from the gyro data.I am using Meta Motion R board with Sensor Fusion.



  • Hi Asadm,

    Unfortunately, if what you are trying to measure is turning at a significantly faster rate than the maximum possible measurements of the gyroscope, there is unlikely to be any data analysis techniques that will help you recover that information. You best bet would to get a different or possibly custom solution that has a gyroscope capable of measuring such speeds.

  • Is there any way quaternions,euler angles from Sensor Fusion can be utilized to calculate RPS ?
  • The gyro reports degrees per second which can be easily converted to revolutions per second (1 revolution = 360 degrees).
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