Meta Motion R – 10 Axis IMU + Sensor Fusion with python

Hi All,

Has anyone used meta motion R with python to determine the absolute orientation of the chip?

Any useful links would be appreciated.



  • There is a pymetawear package that can be installed via pip, however it has not been updated to build with the latest C++ (v0.7.4) which has the sensor fusion support.  You can file a ticket with the author or submit a pull request with the necessary changes.

    Alternatively, you can directly use the C++ API with the included Python wrappers but will need to add in your own Bluetooth LE functionality in the same manner as the pymetawear library.
  • Same question here. I need ditect quarternion value from the metawear R sensor but looking for a solution other then c++

    Some progress with python?
  • As mentioned in my previous post, you can use the Python wrappers included with the C++ API however, you will have to hook in your own BLE stack, similar to how it is handled by the pymetawear project
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