How to get firmware version, signal level and battery level in C#

How can I get following information in using C# wrapper function in WinRT?

1. Firmware revision number
2. Signal Level in in dBm
3. Battery Level


  • Through subscribe Battery state API, start getting battery charge and voltage values. It works.

    Using BleBluetooth Advertisement Watcher to get RSSI (resource signal strength indicator). For unpaired devices receiving singnal strength dBm value. But for paired and connected initialized metawear device, watcher not receiving rssi info. In C# to connect metawear first need to pair. Any clue how I can get signal strength value for paired and connected metawear device on windows?

    Which API can be used to get firmware revision number?
  • There is no support for obtaining RSSI values using the BluetoothLEDevice class.

    You can retrieve the firmware revision by reading the firmware revision characteristic using the BluetoothLEDevice class.
  • BluetoothLEDevice and DeviceInformation classes not giving the frimware version, even tried with requested properties.
  • As mentioned in my previous post, you can get the value by reading the firmware revision characteristic.  The UWP starter project provides a working example of reading GATT characteristic values:

  • Thanks Eric, I am getting firmware revision.

    now signal strength part is left for paired/connected ble device.
  • As far as I know, that can't be done until Microsoft updates the bluetooh API.
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