Metawear CPRO: Output file for GPIO

Hi, I am currently working on a project which requires MetaWear CPRO with flex sensors connected at the GPIO pins. Is it possible to obtain the output file of the GPIO as .csv format? I can't seem to open it via excel, only through Wordpad.


  • Are you using the metawear app to stream the data? If so, the apps already write the data to a CSV file.
  • Hello, 
    I would like to add two more sensors to the MetaWear CPro I have. I believe I should use the analog input pins on the Metawear (?). I would like to be able to adjust the sampling rate of these two inputs, the same way as I adjust the MetaWear's accelerometer and gyroscope sampling rate, and save the data.

    I believe this is similar to what Adam wanted to do. Could you please let me know how this can be done? I use the App I have downloaded from MetaWear for Window 10 on my laptop. 

    Thanks .
  • Depends on what kind of sensors you are using; a flex sensor should be on an analog pin as there are a range of possible values.

    You will have to write your own app to read from the custom sensors you are using.  Since you're on Windows 10, you can create a Universal Windows app using the C++ library.
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