Why is - (BFTask *)waitForDisconnection not available in MBLMetaWear.h?

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The API Reference for (BFTask *)waitForDisconnection at https://mbientlab.com/docs/metawear/ios/latest/Classes/MBLMetaWear.html#//api/name/waitForDisconnect) reads:

“Create a task that will complete once this device disconnects, either expectedly or unexpectedly. This is useful for observing unexpected disconnects and automatically using a re-connect request or otherwise updating the UI.”

Is this BFTask the best method handle unexpected disconnection?  If so, why is it not available in MBLMetaWear.h?

BTW, there is a typo in the original document “u” was typed “i” in "using"


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    Are you using the latest iOS api (v2.8.2)?  If not, update your pods to use v2.8.2.
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