Data Loss due to app crash


I am using two Meta Motion R boards to collect accelerometer data in flight tests from a RC helicopter. 
I paired the devices with an iphone 5, configured the sampling rate and started logging data. After the flight test, I connected the devices to the phone once again to download the logged data. When the download reached 99%, the Meta Base app crashed and I was not able to retrieve the data afterwards. 

My first question:
I cannot stream since the helicopter is not within the bluetooth range, so I have to log data. To prevent data loss in my next test, do you have any suggestions? Such as using Android or Windows. If I use an Android phone, would I be able to retrieve the downloaded portion even if the app crashes?
My second question:
Can I pair more than one phone/computer to the boards at the same? Since the data download takes 30 min (Flight test takes about 5 min at 800 Hz sampling rate), I would prefer configuring the boards and stop data logging quickly with my phone on the field and downloading the logged data at the lab to my computer instead of waiting 30 min for it on the field. 



  • 1) On Android and Win10, all received data is immediately written to disk so you can manually retrieve the files later.
    2) As long as both devices are running the same OS (Android / Win10), it is possible to start recording on one device and download from another.
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