Hard Reset

Hi, I have this problem now

I've made a macro with this code:

        .setDeviceName("Lab 2.2")
        .setAdInterval((short) 65000, (byte) 1)

And i didn't understand that putting timeout = 1 the board will stop advertising in 1 second, forever.
So now I can't see the board in the Bluetooth list. How can I hard reset the board to erase the macro from the memory, without using the metawear app?

I've tried to quit the battery, and putting it while i'm pressing the button, so the board enter in the Boot mode, but when it exit that mode, it re-run the macro.

I've tried to connect my app with the board directly with the MAC address, without the bluetooth list, but it doesn't work. When the board is not advertising, can you connect with the board this way?


  • Press the button to force the board to advertise and keep pressing it about once per second until you have re-established connection.  Once you've reconnect to the board, you can erase the macro with the Macro module.

    If the board is not advertising, you cannot connect to it period.
  • Thank you. It worked.
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