MetaBoot mode

I was trying to diagnose an issue yesterday.  Based on the troubleshooting instructions I tried to use the MetaBoot option in the IOS application.  My understanding is that I should see the device appear after I press in the white switch, plug in the USB cable and then release the switch.  This does not seem to work with any of the 4 devices that I have.

I have a Meta Motion R – 10 Axis IMU + Sensor Fusion with FW 1.3.3 and am using the latest version of the IOS test application.  I have tried both the application I downloaded from the App Store as well as one that I built from the source on the GitHub repo.  I can get the same result.


  • The button method to force boot loader mode only works when the board is powering on.  Since you have a battery attached, the board is always on.
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