Bandwith of BLE with sensor fusion and acceleration streams combined


I am building an app which should get data streams from two MetaMotion R boards, and I want to have both sensor fusion data and acceleration data streams from both boards at the same time. Now, I think I read somewhere that Bluetooth Low Energy has very limited bandwidth and since the Sensorfusion stream is at 100 Hz (I don't know if the sensor fusion sampling rate is configurable?) plus acceleration stream of say 25 Hz, I will have about 250 Hz sampling total. Is this possible, i.e. is there enough bandwidth?

And if it's not possible, is it the possible to use the MetaMotion R boards in standard Bluetooth mode ("high" power mode), where I guess the bandwith is higher?
Or is there any way to reduce the sample rate of sensor fusion to e.g. 50 Hz? 
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