adding adafruit VL6180X(distance sensor) to I2C

I would like to add Ada fruit VL6180X(distance sensor) to I2C, hardware connection is ok.
  • SCL - I2C clock pin, connect to your microcontrollers I2C clock line.
  • SDA - I2C data pin, connect to your microcontrollers I2C data line.
  • 3V
  • GND  
  • To use this(VL6180X) sensor with Arduino, I have to download Ada fruit library for Arduino. So, to include this sensor(VL610X) with metawear, I am wondering how to include the Adafruit library to meta wear. or without this library how can I do it. Please help me to receive VL6180X sensor data to metawear RRro. It is really important for my project. please help me.


  • The MetaWear APIs have functions that let you communicate with devices through the I2C bus.  Assuming the AdaFruit library works on the Arduino, all you would need to do is implement the same I2C operations with the MetaWear API.
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