Sleep monitor

Do you have any specific API calls for sleep monitoring or quality of sleep?


  • I like the idea ursanju, what are you looking for specifically?
  • Hi Ursanju,

    I design medial sleep monitors.  I am very intrigued by this board.  From my limited understanding of the existing firmware, you would probably need to process the analog data on your mobile app.  What you can do  is create three separate Zero Crossing signals for each BPF channel (usually 2-3 Hz), sum them up every minute and run this through a moving average filter (Cole-Kripke, Sadeh algorithm).  You can get pretty decent correlation with polysomnograpy (70% +) if you are careful about edge effects from wake to sleep (poorer sleep quality usually means less correlation, particularly involving specificity).

    What some cheaper chinese sleep monitors do is they sum up the rectified analog signals over a period of time (five minutes seems popular right now).  Unfortunately, you would have to do some experiments to determine what values indicate awake and asleep.  

    I hope that was helpful...

  • Thank you Marty. It helps.

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