Is it possible to record and view data from the MetaWear C Pro in real time?

Hi guys, I have a MetaWear C Pro and want to use it in order to record and view data in real time. I was playing with the app on iOS but it looks like I can only record for a period of time and then send that data to a computer for review after recording is finished. Ideally I would want to be recording for an extended period of time and look at the data as the IMU is being used but I don't know how to go about doing this.


  • You can either build an app on the computer and stream directly to said computer or, if you want the app on an iOS device, use a messaging framework, such as RabbitMQ, to send the data from iOS device to computer.
  • Sorry this is all new stuff for me because I only have just started doing things like this. When you say make an app on the computer, is there a program or product for doing that? Would that need an arduino or something along those lines? And does that mean that I shouldn't be using the accompanying metawear app? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for helping out!
  • First you need to select a platform in which you wish to work. If you have a windows computer a good start might be to play around with a UWP app built with Visual Studio (which uses C#). In the tutorial section you will find guides for iOS, android and windows and you will be guided through the development of an app that detects if the board is in freefall.

    That's a good way to learn what you can do with the board and how to use its API. Furthermore, you will be receiving the sensor data via bluetooth and you can work on it in real time.

    However, if you only want to work on the data and you are not worried about receving it in real time, you can use the metawear app to save some recordings into an csv file and sent it to you by email. Then you can use something like matlab (or even simply python) to work on the recorded data. This is a great way to test things without the need to connect to the board.
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