Sensor malfunction

I am using Metawear RPRO, but suddenly there is a strange problem with it now.
my use is something like where some strong vibration is involved, i am attaching the sensor to a surface and recording data but when something hit at the surface it experience some vibration which can be strong sometime but not that strong most of the time. So after that vibration sensor stop sending data, and it starts again only when i reset the hardware using Metawear app.
I tried to isolate vibration by using some damping material like sarbothane....


    • What vibration sensor are you using?
    • How is it connected to the board?
    • What API calls are you using to configure and pull data from the sensor?
  • Sorry for my English, made you to get it completely wrong. let me rephrase the question.
    I am using Metawear RPRO, attached to a wooden plank, when something hits the surface, which produces vibration or due to the impact, Metawear stops sending data (both Accel and Gyro).
    Metwear starts sending data only after resetting.

    P.S. Not attaching any vibration sensor.
  • My third question still stands.  Furthermore, how much force is the plank receiving and what is the frequency of the vibrations?
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