Metamotion R not discoverable

Metamotion R not

I own these
last days a Metamotion R, and I am experiencing the disappearance of it in any Bluetooth
search, for some hours.

I do not
see how to reset it, or anything else to do.

So what should
I do?



    • Is the battery charged?
      • Can you see the board if it is powered via the USB cable?
    • What OS and device are you using?
    • How long was the board functioning before this issue occurred?
    • How were you using the board prior to this issue?
  • The battery is charged, and I ca see it before and after loosing it.
    I use Android 5.1 (Samsung Core Prime)
    The board was functioning for some hours before isuue occured, using  Metabase.
    2 times it happened just after "soft reset", and then it just happens (3 times) unexpectedly.
    It takes about 5 hours to be funcional again.
    Somehow it seems to me that when a large amount of data has been collected,
    bluetooth connection can not be established for unknown reason to me.
    Sorry about guessing. but looks like   task  .manager failure or memory handling fault.
  • 2 times I tried pushinh he button in order to force  advertizing(?).
    Both times I had lost ot for hours, The first time it came back immediately and the second after 30 minutes.
    • So you have only been using the MetaBase app with your board so far?  
    • Are you able to successfully log and download sensor data from MetaBase?
    • Do you have a newer Android device to test with, preferably one that is running Android M or even an iOS device?
  • I am using all avialiable apps, downloaded or compiled from scratch.
    I do log and download data from Metabase.
    I am going to try with other device.
  • You last said you were going to try with another device.  What devices did you try and did it make any difference?
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