Heart rate monitor devices and temperature sensing

I'm interested in working with somebody that is developing a heart rate monitor device. I'd like to use an optical heart rate monitor rather than an electrical one. Does anybody have a team working on resolving the problem?

Also, we have been using the temperature sensor that is on the board. It doesn't seem to work very well at all. We contacted Mbient and they said we should use an external temp sensor. I am about to dig into the discussion library to see what people have been doing but does anybody have a recommendation for an external sensor for a temp range of +/-40C. We want to use it for measuring ambient temperature of the environment the sensor is in.

We also are interested in measuring skin temperature. If the external sensor can be used for contact sensing that would be awesome so we can keep our part count down but are looking for input on what developers are doing or can recommend fo skin temp sensing.


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