metabase metacloud android problem

Hi, New Kickstarter 2 senosr guy, Bradshaw in Buzzards Bay, sensing everything in the speedy cold cape cod canal.

I have 2 sensors that work perfectly with metawear, fully charged, running, up to date, AMAZING, thank you.

I have 3 androids a LG34c rooted android 4.4  an LG15C not rooted android 4.4 and a neat Samsung Galaxy Express 3 android 6.0  all with Metawear and Metabase installed.

I watched the Metabase tutorial.  Just once, on I don't know which android, I saw the two sensors appear,  But I was brand new, and did the wrong things and got no data.

I have a paid up (for a month!) metacloud account.

Starting every thing (androids) from off, and powering up. I never see the two sensors in METABASE.  Right afterwards I look and run them  perfectly from metawear.  The bluetooth on all three androids sees the two sensors. and I don't try to connect from there, however they are very visible at the android OS level as well.

       I am certain that this is NEW GUY CUSTOMER error, It always is.   

      Thank you for the guidance I badly need!

p.s. I am a 36 year firmware device OS engineer from DARPANET and MULTICS days and currently a BLE and ham radio moonbounce stack engineer, and in awe of this stuff!  mbientlab is the best stuff ever. (until 17 months from now!)

                   Thanks, Bradshaw


  • When you were going through the tutorial, did you successfully complete a download with the boards?  If not, initiate a download again with the capture screen.
  • Thanks Eric,

    When I take a new android (I have too many to admit) In metabase, I can connect to the fob, config, select 3 sensors accel, barometer, and gyro, happily collect for three minutes, then stop, download, it has me login, which I successrully do.

    It says it synced but my data doesnt show up on the web. (same login and password)

    THEN, when I go back to metabase, I no longer can connect to the fob, it is not visible, the second fob is not fisible.  I am stuck with s non functioning metabase.

         HOWEVER, when I go into metawear I see both fobs, both work beautifully.

          I am a pretty good retired firmward engineer, I have tried the normal shutdown restart, only erasing the android and reloading metabase gets me running, and again syncing, but no data appears on the dashboard on the web.

                this has to be user misuse, but I just don't see it yet.    Thanks, Bradshaw

    Love the tools, gotta see metabase work with the dashboard before I jump both feet into the API.

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    • Which board are you using and what firmware is it running?
    • How fast are you running the acc, baro, and gyro?
      • Try syncing something small like 60 temperature samples
    • When MetaBase is in this unconnectable state, what does the home screen look like?
      • Please link me a screenshot
    • Do you at least see the retrieved data as CSV files in the phone's "Download" folder?

    There are currently no devices associated with your cloud account so the data sync does not appear to be succeeding.  Please try syncing some temp data as suggested to see if you can push any data to the cloud.  Also, I cannot replicate this "unnconnectable" state you have been describing.  I presume this happens everytime you use MetaBase?
  • Eric,

    slow response on my part.  I am working a project that WILL involve this sensor, underwater, in the Cape Cod Canal. 

    WILL DO and get back to you. 

    I just got charged $5 for my 2nd month of the service.

    I know this is old engineer error.   So the blame is already placed!!!    Thanks, Bradshaw
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