Firmware customization for I2C connected parts

 Is there a way to customize also software (firmware)? If i connect inteligent device (like specialized thermometter or external movement detector) to metawear through I2C i need to customize also firmware to program the metawear to read the data correctly. Is there a way to do that? 

thank you in advance


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    Yes, you can write your own firmware if you want to.  We don't support custom firmware development though we certainly do not mind if enthusiasts want to write their own stuff.

    This PDF is old but should be enough to point you in the right direction:

    The firmware already exposes the I2C bus so I'm not sure why you need customized firmware.
  • Hello, thank you for the fast respond. 

    I know that firmware allready exposses the I2C bus but what if i want the metawear processor control the external connected device and not the mobile app. I would like to reach the point when for example movement detector can be the thing which wakes whole thing up. And this cant be done just through API.


    thank you
  • The firmware supports offline event handling so you can program the board to perform an I2C operation in response to motion being detected without needing to maintain a connection.
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