Sample code for getting Log data

New log events (store data in metawear board) function added in new IOS API, but i didn't see any sample related with log data, please provide the sample code with below functions

1. Add log method to metawear board (create custom function to record data in metawear flash memory) Ex : i need to record temperature value in every one hour (off line)

2. Retrieved log data from metawear board (covert object to meaningfull data)


  • samsgates, our iOS engineer is working on an App that will be released soon with logging functionality. Check soon.

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    I will be posting a sample app both on the Apple App Store as well as our Github page today that will demonstrate and show off our logging functionality with the onboard temperature sensor. I will also post a tutorial on this sample app on our page.


    Edit: The sample app is now available on GitHub.
  • Thanks Guarneri, good work
  • can you please provide sample application with this same functionalities in android
  • We will try to work on something for Android. i can't promise a timeline because we have plans for several other sample apps for Android. Let us know if you need help with something in particular in Android though.
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