Connect to metaware without sample app


I decided to use a metaware for a school project, but I'm pretty new to BLE programming. I thought a good start would be to design a simple app that can communicate with the metaware. 

So far I have managed to find and connect to the device, but as I'm trying to get the device information by using mwController.readDeviceInformation() I get an "Unhandled exception in callback" NullPointerException. I've made sure that all the controllers and callbacks aren't null and now I'm kind of lost. The mwController.isConnected() returns true and I am using some modified code that I wrote that worked as a fragment in the sample app.

I would show you my source code, but I cant quite figure out how to make it look good in the post. I would also appreciate if someone could share a project that is as stripped down as possible that I could use as a "cheat sheet".



  • fredrik,

    What platform are you using to connect to the MetaWear? If it's Android, the sample app and API are both open source, so you should be able to download it and look at how the connection is made.

    Let me know if you need additional help.

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