Sampling Jitter


Using the metamotionR I encountered some jitter when using  accelerometer, gyroscope  and magnetometer. The sampling rate is not consistent. For example, the epoch time delta varies between 4-6 when sampling at 200 Hz. It was like across different  

Any ideas?    


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    That is expected.  The data has to be timestamped by the firmware and the sensor itself has a 1% error for the data rate.
  • Hi Eric, 

    Thanks for your response. Does this happen with more expensive hardware? Do you know of other users who tackled this problem?   
  • What do you mean by "more expensive hardware"?

    Over a large data set, the 4 and 6ms offsets will average each other out to 5ms so you look at the collected data as a whole to gauge sampling frequency rather than individual offsets especially if the difference between actual and expected is only 1ms.
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