Battery Consumpion

Hi, does anyone experience high battery consumpion?
When i disconnect or close the application, i call mbl_mw_metawearboard_tear_down. 
It seems though that the battery goes down very quickly anyway. The day after usually the device is completely down and needs recharge.
Thanks for your help.
Ivan C. 

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  • Which sensors are you using and are you stopping them before closing the application?
  • Hi, i'm using MetaMotion R, and yes, i disconnect and tear down the board when closing. Could it be related to the advertising timing ecc ... i'm using 
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    mbl_mw_settings_set_connection_parameters(MWBoard, 4.f, 6.f, 10, 1000);

    Ivan C.
    • Which sensors are you running (accelerometer, gyro, barometer, etc.)?
      • How frequently are you sampling data?
    • Are you stopping them before you close your app?  Calling tearDown does not stop the sensors.
  • Hi, i'm using the sensor fusion, the behavious seems the same either i stop or not the sensor before closing the app. And it is quite strange. What happens if for example:
    1) 9.00 AM 100% battery, not seen by bluetooth, pressed button, connected, streaming, close app.
    2) 17.00 PM 97% battery, connection without any problem.
    3) 8.00 AM day after, not seen by bluetooth, pressed button, connected, 3% battery.
    4) Connected USB, wait no more that 1 minute, battery 96 %..

    Isn't it strange?

    Moreover the documentation says about tear down that ... will remove all data processors, loggers, timers, and recorded events from both the board and the struct’s internal state. It does not reset the board so any configuration changes will be preserved... 

    So i guess apart from the config it should reset everything... anyway i'll give a try forcing a stream stop when exiting... thanks 
  • See this thread for battery level discussion:

    Nowhere in the docs does it say mbl_mw_metawearboard_tear_down stops sensors, either explicitly or implicitly.  The only thing the docs say is that the function removes X, Y, and Z and that's exactly what it does, nothing more, nothing less.
  • I've tried also stopping everything before closing, but i cannot understand why... 10 Hr during day goes from 99 to 96, 10 hours during night goes from 96 to 3% !! Thanks for the link.

  • What firmware is your board running?
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