MetaTracker on board movement detection

We would
like to use the MetaTracker to sense when a certain type of movement on a
certain axis (per the bmi 160 accelerometer) to send an interrupt to
our android device via bluetooth.  We would rather have the Metatracker
locally sense the specific motion rather than live stream the data and
then process on the android device.  We already have a working algorithm that works in detecting the specific motion via a simply
moving average over a number of samples (we have tested it with
streaming data to an android device but would rather not have to
constantly stream the data).  So questions are:
  1. What is the most efficient way to do this? Is there any built in bmi160 functions (like motion sense or modified tap sense)?  Or is the only option on board "Data Processor" function on the MetaTracker ?  Any sample code you can point us to?


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