No Motion Detection Algorithm


I'm using the No Motion Detection algorithm of the Bosch Accelerometer to create a reminder to move: when it finds no motion, the motor vibrates. Right now it works only when the board is connected to the app (streaming), is there a way to make it work also when it's not bluetooth connected? 

another question: is there a way I can do the same thing using quaternions (Sensor fusion)? 


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    You might be able to but I can't say for sure.  The motion detection algorithms are a part of the BMI160 chip so it's your best bet unless you want to spend hours developing your own custom algorithm.
  • thanks Eric, It works with the reaction!
    Is there a way to download data and save it into variables instead of only seeing it only in the logcat? right now I can only download data and see it there, but I would like to use it somehow! 
    thanks again!

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    For specific value types, check out the section relevant to the sensor or algorithm you are using.  For no motion, there really isn't any "data" other than an interrupt indicating "no motion" was detected.
  • I would like to count how many "no motion" were detected. Once I download data how can I do that? Right now I can see how many of them have been detected only on the logcat monitor. I want to save the number in a variable. Any ideas?
  • Create a counter in the enclosing class and increment it in the Subscriber.
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