High Frequency Streaming for Accelerometer and Gyro data

I was looking at the "High Frequency Streaming" section since I am looking to have 3 CPro connect with my iOS device and looking to have 100Hz sample rates for each.  I think by using your feature "packedDataReadEvent", it may work since I am also looking to have accelerometer and gyro data combined in one packet.

However, I am unsure as to how to call the "packedDataReadEvent" and could see which class that is a part of.  It mentions "Simply enable notifications on the <span class="pre" style="box-sizing: border-box;">packedDataReadEvent</span> to use this feature."  Also, if enabled and I am sampling at 100Hz, does this mean I am receiving one packet with time .0003, .0006, .0009?  If so, since I have 3 Metawear devices I am connecting with, I am thinking of changing the sampling rate to 33 on each, which should give me 100 samples I presume?


  • Have you successfully streamed normal acceleration data?  If so, you use the same code except you use packedDataReadyEvent instead of dataReadyEvent.

    Packed mode does not combine data from different sensors.  Accelerometer and gyro data will still be separate data streams.

    No, you will receive 3 packets with the same timestamp as the 3 samples were received by the device at the same time.  You can post process the data to calculate the actual timestamps if you desire.  
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